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Custom Closets

Walk-in closets

  • Walk-in closets are best described as closets that you can walk into. They are usually connected to bedrooms however they can also be used as pantries off the kitchen and are sometimes found in the basement for off season storage.

  • Some walk-in closets are large enough to be used as dressing rooms. From simple designs to the Ultimate Komandor Dream Closet, let our experienced designers work with you to develop the ideal solution tailored to your needs.

Reach-in closets

  • In most homes, or condos reach-in closets are used in the front entrance or hallway. Typically 24”-30” deep, a reach-in closet is smaller than walk-in a closet but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish and efficient.

  • Add in double hanging bars, floor to ceiling shelving, maybe some drawers or chrome baskets. A well-designed Komandor closet will make efficient use of the space and keep everything in its place and right at your fingertips.

Modern Closet Systems

  • Komandor column systems offers a perfect mix organization and modern design. The system uses aluminum posts instead of wood panels as supports for the shelves and cabinet boxes. The result is an open concept design that will not affect the spaciousness of your room. Posts may be anchored to the floor and ceiling, or posts can be cut and fitted on a 90 degree angle and fitted to the floor and rear wall. The system is fully custom in that drawer, shelving and hanging sections can be configured in a wide range of width, height and depth measurements. If you need to hide some items from view, add a drawer cabinet or cabinet box with doors. Let us show you how this systems can work for applications such as walk-in and reach-in closets, book cases, wardrobes and foyer storage

Closet organizers

  • A closet organizer is a system of shelves, clothes rods, racks and possibly drawers that organize everything in its place. Closet organizers take many forms, from wall-hung to floor based, walk-in closets, reach-in closets to wardrobes.

  • With our many years of design, manufacturing and assembly experience, Komandor’s makes the best closet organizers. In our custom cabinet shop, we approach every project with one goal: maximize storage space with quality solutions.

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