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  • Whether you’re looking for a traditional kitchen design or modern kitchen, Komandor’s design team has the materials and finishes to design your dream kitchen. And inside our cabinetry shop we will build your kitchen to your specifications.

  • For example, if you are a taller person and want base cabinets that are higher than the industry standard, we can easily accommodate. Our 3D design software will bring your design to life while you watch and price it out at the same time.

Custom Cabinets

  • Wall units can be created for just about any room of the house. In a bedroom they can be wardrobe storage, in a den they can be a library, in a kitchen a pantry and in a living room an entertainment centre.

  • Wall units by Komandor are functional and stylish, manufactured to maximize the décor of your space. Shelving (adjustable or not), drawers, lighting, cabinet doors, decorative moldings, all of which can be found in a custom wall unit.

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