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Laminate panels

Laminate panels are an excellent choice for sliding doors and you will be impressed by the large color selection offered by Komandor. Our eco-friendly wood panels have embossed wood grains that will give your doors the look of a high quality finished veneer. The benefit of a laminate panel though is that it is a hard surface that is extremely durable, will not warp, is easy to clean and the color will not fade over time.

If you are looking to have your sliding door frames and tracks match the panel insert, Komandor’s Standard steel and LUX steel door systems have certain color options where the frame and panel color match.

If you are looking for a more contemporary aesthetic, our newest line of thermal structured panels or our line of high gloss panels are the perfect match to our modern aluminum frame systems (ONYX, AGAT, Lazuryt and Sapphire).

You can also choose to match the color of your wood panel sliding door to the closet organizer system or cabinetry on the inside of your closet.

Feel free to look over our laminate selections, and please check back. We update our laminate closet door inserts regularly.

Please visit our showroom at 115-19358 96 Avenue, Surrey to see some examples of doors with different types of laminated panel inserts.

Painted glass

Back painted glass is simply clear glass that is painted with a baked on enamel finish on one side. The effect that it creates is a perfectly smooth, high gloss finish on one side that is very easy to clean and is very durable. Komandor stocks a wide variety of colors of back painted glass and if you don’t see something that is exactly what you need, a color matching service is available. Just give us your paint chip or paint manufacturer and the paint code and we will match your glass door inserts to your wall color.  Back painted glass is well suited to closet and cabinet door products and has been gaining popularity in the design community for such applications. In terms of safety, back painted glass is usually fitted with safety backing or if the application does not allow safety backing, the glass is tempered.

Please visit Komandor’s showroom at 115-19358 96 Avenue, Surrey to see some examples of doors with different types of painted glass inserts.

Mirror Inserts

Full-length mirrors are a desirable design feature in front entrance and bedroom areas which is why they are often used as inserts in sliding door systems. Komandor’s high quality mirror inserts come in 3 standard colors: clear (sometimes referred to as silver), brown (sometimes referred to as bronze) and grey (sometimes referred to as graphite). While clear mirror is the most popular color for mirror, brown and grey are used in rooms with an abundance of natural light because they are tinted. Other mirror products are available as a special order, these include etched mirror and frameless mirror door products.

All of our mirror door products are fitted with a safety backing. This is an adhesive film that is applied to the backside of the mirror. The backing protects the mirror silvering from being scratched but more importantly, in the event that the mirror were to be broken, the safety backing holds the glass pieces together to minimize the chance of any injury. It is important to note that Safety backing is an important feature of any high quality mirror door system.

Please visit Komandor’s showroom at 115-19358 96 Avenue, Surrey to see some examples of mirror doors.

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